Covid -19 and Recovery Proposal from Islamic Philantropy Studies


  • Anita Priantina Institut Agama Islam Tazkia, Bogor, Indonesia
  • Tatial Maulida Putri Institut Agama Islam Tazkia, Bogor, Indonesia
  • Muhammad Syamsul Bahri Institut Agama Islam Tazkia, Bogor, Indonesia



Covid 19 has disrupted the global economic steadiness. Countries worldwide are now struggling to survive and to recover from the pandemic. Among lesson learned from the crisis is that the economy needs more help from philanthropic sectors. Islam has various altruistic mode of economic support. Research on Islamic philanthropy has also been performed from various aspects and methods. This study analyses research conducted during Covid-19, especially related to Islamic Philanthropy. Google Scholar Indexed articles are analysed to achieve the objective of the study. Systematic literature review, bibliometric analysis, and Atlas.ti word cloud are also employed to answer the research questions. The results showed that there are various proposals offered by authors. Waqf models combined with Islamic commercial contracts are the most proposed scheme offered to assist the economic recovery during and post-Covid 19.

Keywords: Covid 19, Islamic Philanthropy, Recovery Proposals